About Us

How we are making contribution to the society?


It is essential to be ready for an emergency as a natural disaster can strike at any point in time. Pantry list provides you with valuable expert advice and some vital information on the various natural disasters and how can we minimise its negative impact. We also educate people across the nation about how you should stock your pantry before an emergency strike. While some emergencies will only extend over a few hours and days, some situation stays for weeks. Pantry list educates people about such circumstances and how to be safe under such circumstances. Apart from that, we also spread awareness about how to stay at home in such a dangerous situation. Home is the only place where we will save, but what if we do not have adequate stock of water, food, medicine, etc. to survive in an emergency. Thus, we spread awareness and provide valuable information.


Protect yourself and your family against emergencies like influenza, storm, pandemic, flood, cyclone, bushfire and earthquake. Get essential information and valuable advice from Pantry List.

Learn, plan, Execute

Our Values

We have some values that have helped us to become a reliable source of information for people.


We only provide authentic information that is backed by experts. Our volunteers are also educated and experienced.


We are committed to the welfare of the people and society. Thus, we provide vital information that can keep people safe in an emergency.


Our integrity is one of the vital factors why people consider us as a reliable source of information during emergencies.

Team Work

Teamwork is always crucial for the success of any group, and we are not different. We have a team of qualified and experienced volunteers.

Our Volunteers

We have a team of experienced volunteers who have adequate knowledge. They manage our entire team and share their valuable experience with everyone.

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