Tips to Stay Safe

During Hurricane

When the storm hits your house, make sure that you away from windows, because the force of the wind can blow the window glasses. In such a situation, you can’t ask for a better location than a basement! So, if you have one, take shelter there. But not everyone has a basement. Those people can choose an interior room with no or minimum windows (like a bathroom or a closet), and the place should be on the lowest floor. If you are in the room, lie down under a table or any other sturdy object and cover yourself with pillows and blankets. If you think it is over, do not go out immediately as you can be in the hurricane’s calm eye. Keep things like food, radio, flashlight, water, batteries, etc. handy with you.

During Tornado

When you hear a tornado warning or tornado sirens in your area, it means there’s some grave danger. If you have a basement, take shelter in it or a small interior room. If you’re in bed, pull some pillows or a bedspread and keep it on your top. If you are in a car, try to get inside a robust building. And if you can’t do that, you have two options – stay in the car, wear the seat belt and cover the head with a blanket (if possible) or hand and then duck below the car windows.  What else you can do is find a ditch nearby, get out of your car and lie down in the ditch. Use something to cover the head. Take your call as per the circumstances.

During Wildfire

When it comes to a wildfire, every second is precious because they spread very quickly and in the process, igniting trees and burning homes. If there is a wildfire in your area, keep a close watch on the fire reports from the local media and always prepared with your essential thing to evacuate at any point of time. To minimise the exposure to smoke, keep the windows and doors closed and stay away from the outside walls. If the fire is approaching and you are driving, roll up your car windows immediately and close the vents. As smoke will disturb your visibility, remember to drive slowly and carefully.

During Blizzard

The best thing about Blizzard is that meteorologists can predict winter storms ahead of time. So all you need to do is to monitor the local media for updated news and vital information. This will help you to gather essential supplies and be in a secure place when the storm comes. If you are on your way to home and conditions have become severe, try to find a sturdy building ad quick as possible that can shelter you – like a hospital or a fire department. In case you are trapped in the car, turn on the hazard lights, and stay in the car. It is essential to keep yourself warm but also conserves power.


During Earth Quake

If you are inside your house when the trembling starts, immediately drop, cover yourself with something sturdy or hold on to something strong. Stay away from the windows, and protect the neck and head with blankets or pillows and take shelter under a sturdy table or mattress. But what to do, if you are outside? Find a clear spot that is away from buildings, trees and power lines. Then drop to the ground and cover yourself. Stay like that until the shaking stops. And if you are driving, find a clear spot as soon as possible, stop there and stay in the car until it is over.

During Flash Flooding

Keep a close watch on the local media during heavy rains in your area. If there are chances of having a flash-flood, grab all the essential things and be prepared to vacate at any point in time. A flash-flood warning means either is happening or it is about to occur in your area. You need to be careful at this point of time so that you can seek higher ground without wasting a second.

During Tsunami

If you are near the ocean and the trembling starts, lie down wherever you are and stay like that until the shaking stops. After that quickly move to the higher ground. Then, you need to stay alert if there is any tsunami warning. If you hear an alarm, run as far from the coast as possible. This will minimise the damage.

During Thunderstorm

If you hear thunder, the lightning is more likely to follow. And always remember that lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the location where it is raining. So, if you are outside, take shelter indoors immediately or at least get inside in a hard-topped metal car to protect yourself. If you are inside your home, do not forget that electric current can travel through wires and pipes. So, during the thunderstorm, it is advisable to avoid shower and also do not come into contact with plugged-in gadgets such as a smartphone, tab, laptop, desktop, etc.