During an emergency, one can face numerous challenges including inappropriate shelter, inadequate information and cash, uneven facility and treatment, safety concerns, impure water and sanitation problem. Pantry List provides you with vital information and useful tips that help you tackle such challenges in an emergency.

Gadgets like solar-powered radio and phone charger can be handy during emergencies like during the hurricanes. In the absence of internet and television signal, a person can get information on weather condition through text messages with neighbours, friends and family.

It is difficult to predict the availability of food during emergencies. So, it is essential to stock up your pantry with foods like trail mix, chocolate, dry fruits, Pop-top cans of tuna fish, meals-ready-to-eat and so on. You should have enough food that can last for at least 4 to 5 days. All these food items have an expiry date, so read the date before eating.

No! You don’t need to pay anything for our events. We conduct seminars and workshop across Australia to educate people about the safety precaution during the natural disaster. We discuss and teach people how they can stay safe and protect others in such a critical time. Our primary objective is the welfare of people, and thus we don’t take charges for our events.

To become a volunteer, you don’t need to have a specific qualification. Our volunteers spread awareness among people about how to stay protected at home during emergencies. So, we want our volunteers to have adequate knowledge about such things.

Anyone can join Pantry List as a volunteer without any difficulty or joining fee. All you need to do is to visit our site and go to the contact us section. Here, you need to fill in a form with necessary details like name, age, profession, and most importantly, why you want to become a volunteer. If we find your answer satisfactory, we will get back to you.

Yes, we organise our events in different parts of Australia. This includes places like Sydney, South Coast and Riverina from New South Wales, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast from Queensland, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Limestone Coast from South Australia, Perth from South East Australia and Melbourne from Victoria.

No, Pantry List cannot warn people about the emergencies like pandemic, cyclone, earthquake, bushfire, flood & storms, influenza, etc. because we don’t have advanced machinery and a team of employees. With the help of our volunteers, we only try to provide vital information on these emergencies and how you need to store items in your house to protect yourself.

No, there is no joining fee, monthly fee or annual charge in Pantry List. Our only intention is to provide vital information to the people of Australia so that they can take care of themselves during emergencies. As we are not a money-making organisation, we do not charge in exchange for information.

We provide significant information and useful tips that can help you to a great extent during emergencies. This information will help you to protect yourself and the family member during natural disasters like a bushfire, influenza pandemic, cyclone, earthquake, flood & storms and utility failures like water, gas and electricity.

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