• Get Ready For an Emergency Situation

    The pantry list provides you with all the essential information & valuable advice on how to get ready for an emergency.

  • Stock Your Pantry for an Emergency

    While some emergencies will only extend over a few hours and days, some situation stays for weeks.
    Pantry list educates people about such a situation and how to be safe under such circumstances.

  • Plan how to Stay At Home in a Critical Situation

    Home is the safest place on this earth, but what if you don’t have sufficient stock of food and other essential items cope with an extended emergency.

What do we do?

The primary objective of Pantry List is to provide relevant information that can help you during emergencies and you can keep yourself and your family safe if affected by a crisis like a bushfire, earthquake, cyclone, flood & storms, influenza pandemic and utility failure like electricity, water and gas.

Provide Vital Information

Pantry List is a platform that provides essential information about different types of emergency that can be a massive challenge for you and your family. We educate people so that they can be safe under critical circumstances. From relief packages to government support, we offer complete information so that you can act immediately to that people can get the assistance on time.

Teach Safety Measure

An emergency can occur with a little or no warning at all (most of the time) and cause physical, financial, environmental and psychological damage. Pantry List informs about the safety measure you need during emergencies. These measures reduce their impact on you and your family.

Spread Awareness

We spread awareness about what kind of difficulties a person can face in emergencies and what they require to fight with such situations. This awareness has helped thousands of people in the past. We can help people find right accommodation after the natural calamity, such as flood, earthquake and cyclone. We also assist you in getting roof repairing service instantly.

If You Want To Know More

How to Prepare For an Emergency

We all know that precaution is always better than cure, but do we take care of all these emergencies like a storm, influenza pandemic, flood, bushfire, cyclone or earthquake. Pantry List provides all essential information and teaches all the safety measure and steps to prepare for any emergency situation as you never know when it is going to strike. You should know how to prepare if you have to stay at home for a few days to a couple of weeks with limited water, food and other essential supplies. To be safe, you need to learn first!

Learn, Understand, Be Safe. Our focus is to prepare you for any type of emergency. Recently, we helped people with food and other essential supplies in Melbourne, VIC during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our job is to provide adequate information, organise awareness programmes and support you in emergency.

Recent Natural Disasters

We are in the third month of the year, but a couple of natural disasters have already struck Australia. And these disasters has affected millions of people. That is why it important to be prepared for such calamities.

COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is a serious viral infection. Since December 2019, the world is struggling with its outbreak. The new strains of the virus are making it difficult for people across the globe. In 2021, new wave of COVID-19 has impacted the residents of Victoria. Recently the state recorded 200 new cases in a day for the first time. As the pandemic persists, the government has imposed lockdowns to prevent spread of the virus and break the chain of community transmission. Now, it is more than crucial that everyone realises their responsibility and stays home to be safe and healthy.

Earthquake in Southeast Queensland

An earthquake recently struck the southeast part of Queensland that has shaken houses and rattled windows. The Earthquake with 3.1 magnitudes shook the Lockyer Valley - 90km west from Brisbane. This horrific tremor was centred in the hills near Seventeen Mile in Lockyer Valley Region.

Flood in Queensland

Queensland has witnessed floods recently and it has engulfed several homes in Townsville and killed 5 lakh cattle in the state. It is estimated that the total loss have surpassed $1 billion. As the Flinders River has marked its most disastrous flooding in the last 5 decades, 9 shires across Queensland has been declared ‘disaster zones’.

You Can Also Become One Of Us!

It is a perfect platform for anyone who wants to make some contribution towards the society. If you are aware of the negative impact of natural disasters and have adequate knowledge about disaster management, join our team of volunteers and be one of us. Make a positive impact on the life of people. If you are interested, visit our website and go to the contacts us page. Here, you need to provide some necessary details like your name, age, profession, phone number, etc. You also need to give a brief explanation of why to want to join us. Our professionals would contact you and let you know how you can be a part of the team.

What They Say?

Our Events

We organise events and workshops across the nation to educate people against natural disaster. Some of our Upcoming Events include How to Keep Safe from New Coronavirus Strain? in Melbourne. We will be organising this awareness program online to help you discover the best possible ways to keep yourself protected from the fast-spreading Coronavirus strain.
Another Event to be held in Melbourne is COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines For Diabetic and Heart Patients. Prevention is always better than cure and that’s why we are organising this event for those who are suffering from diabetics and other chronic diseases. Our highly-experienced doctor guests will help you know the best ways to follow the COVID-19 precautions.
We also have our regular Events in Sunshine Coast- What to Do After a Natural Disaster? The Local Disaster Management Group will assist you in returning to normal after a natural disaster. This event will be organised online so that everyone can participate and create a bit of awareness.

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