During an emergency, you never know about the availability of food in the nearby supermarket. Thus, you should have a backup of food in your pantry and a stock that can last around 4 to 5 days. You can have some high-calorie foods such as trail mix, dried foods and chocolate. Pop-top cans of tuna fish and meals-ready-to-eat are also pretty good options. These foods have an expiry date, so check before consuming and replace them from time to time.


It is also important to keep some lightweight cloths handy with you. These clothes include clean underwear, a poncho, a light jacket and a hat. Also, try to keep essential things at your place as per the climate and region. For instance, if you are in an environment that is cold enough, do not forget to keep lightweight blankets for an emergency. On the other hand, if you are in a warm and mosquito-ridden climate, keep bug spray with you, particularly if the bugs in your area have a virus.

Essential Gadgets

One of the most useful things that you could have during the hurricanes is essential gadgets like phone charger and a solar-powered radio. As there is no internet or television signal, you can know about the weather condition through exchanges of text messages with your family, friends and neighbours. A solar-powered radio can be very helpful as you will know what government officials are planning.

Sanitary Supplies

Although hygiene is always important, it becomes critical during an emergency. If you fail to maintain it for yourself and your family, the chances are high that anyone from your family can get infected or contaminated. So, it is vital to keep a few essential things in your bag like one or two rolls of toilet paper, mouthwash and soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

First Aid Box

Perhaps the most common risk in an emergency – be it an earthquake, hurricane or tornado is getting injured (especially on the head). Thus, you should always have a first aid box with you, and it should include pain killers (sprays and pills), hydrogen peroxide, gauze, scissors, bandages, tape, and other medications you require. Also, consider taking extra contacts and contact solution and if you want to see clearly. Anyone can purchase a ready-made first aid box.